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Wood Log Debarking Machine

We offer World’s best quality wood debarking machine, which is mainly used for debarking Agro forestry tree varieties such as “Eucalyptus, Causarina & Subabul”.

Our Wood log debarking machine is one of the best quality, reliable and yet cost competitive option that ideally suits for Indian & international market. The machine is completely manufactured by us at our works..

The specialty of our product is the superior quality raw material that we use and quality conscious workman ship that we bring in makes a significant difference to the end product and its durability. Our Aim is to offer trouble free best quality de barker at affordable cost to customers and give them unmatched customer service.

We supply both Tractor model and Electrical model.


For More Details, Please check the following attachments.

  1. Wood Log Debarking Machine_Tractor Model_EIE.pdf
  2. Wood Log Debarking Machine_Electrical Model_EIE.pdf


Mobile Bagasse Compactor
(For both fresh & yard bagasse Compacting)

  • First Mobile bagasse compactor developed in India
  • Used for baling fresh bagasse & yard bagasse at sugar mills
  • Used at multiple locations during same season for compacting
  • Used for both transportation through Lorry and train
  • Compacted blocks can be directly loaded into trucks !
  • No need to tie the bale (Reduce additional expenses !)
  • Provide best Compaction results with even low moisture
  • Easy to install, dismantle , transport and re-install
  • No need of civil foundation at site
  • Robust, Durable & energy efficient solution
  • Bale will come at both the sides of the machine
  • Easily handleable bale size & weight

For More Details, Please check the following attachments.

    1. Mobile Bagasse Compactor_EIE.pdf


Polyhouse & Greenhouse

EIE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is offering hi-tech poly house green house for farmers , corporate industries & government sectors.

Green houses & polyhouses constructed by EIE INDIA PVT LTD are based on the most advanced construction & agricultural technology considering the Indian environment.

We are having team of experts & agronomists who are delivering the most profitable and comprehensive solution to the clients

EIE is dedicated to ensuring that the clients receive the most precise, professional field service in the shortest possible time

Since inception, Team-EIE is working in Hi-tech agriculture having experience on which type of poly house best needed for each crop. We also offer guidance on growing techniques for flowers such as “Gebera, Carnation, Dutch Roses & exotic vegetables.

We also supply suitable irrigation system (Optional), marketting guidance of poly house flowers and vegetables. Our main motor is to ensure that the polyhouse project runs profitable

For More Details, Please check the following attachment

  1. Polyhouse & Greenhouse _EIE.pdf

  • JF-2D is used for making all type of rashon food in powder form as well as granules form
  • It is a very useful product for Dairy farm and Goat farms as well
  • One machine is sufficient for 05 to 40 animals
  • Stop purchasing animal feeds from market, make your own animal feed with JF-2D…

For More Details, Please check the following attachments.

  1. Chaff Cutter & Hammer Mill_EIE.pdf
  2. Chaff Cutter & Hammer Mill Caralogue_EIE_ENGLISH
  3. Chaff Cutter & Hammer Mill Caralogue_EIE_TAMIL
  4. Chaff Cutter & Hammer Mill Leaflet_EIE_ENGLISH
  5. Chaff Cutter & Hammer Mill Leaflet_EIE_TAMIL



We plant best quality tree saplings that has high drought tolerant qualities, grow well with less water, convert barren lands into profitable farms, require minimum maintenance and offer high profit potential. We offer such agro forestry and farm forestry preparation services across Tamilnadu on chargeable basis

We request Farmers, Corporates, investors, NGO’s, Industrialist, colleges and people who hold barren lands to avail this services

For More Details, Please check the following attachments.

  1. Tree Plantation Catalogue_EIE_ENGLISH
  2. Tree Plantation Catalogue_EIE_TAMIL
  3. Tree Plantation Leaflet_EIE_ENGLIGH
  4. Tree Plantation Leaflet_EIE_TAMIL


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